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2012-06-20 15:47:03|  分类: 军事 |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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  China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Is Already Doing A Whole Lot More Than Anyone Expected

  作者:jinjianjun1030 发布日期:2012-06-05

  New pictures of the China's J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter have surfaced and are making their way across military blogs.


  This newest round of photos show the J-20 in the skies somewhere over mainland China.


  The prototype is said to be using the Saturn AL-31 turbofan engine developed by the Russian's for their Su-27 air superiority fighter.


  Reuben Johnson at The Washington Times reports the Chinese may be as much as 10 years away from producing an original stealth engine to slip into the J-20.

  Reuben Johnson在华盛顿时报上称中国可能还需要10年才能使他们的J-20装上自己的隐身发动机。


  In the meantime, they'll have to take comfort in the fact that while the F-22 Raptor may be more agile and made entirely in the U.S., the Dragon carries more fuel and weapons than Lockheed's fighter.


  The J-20's development is also moving along much faster than anyone had expected. Back in 2009, Gen. He Weirong, deputy commander of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force said in a TV interview that the J-20 wouldn't be operational until 2017-2019. That estimate will likely be revised if work continues at the current pace.


  Bill Sweetman at AviationWeek points out that for all its headway, no one is yet sure what the J-20 is for. He speculates that given the aircraft's size and weapons bays, it may be used to "threaten intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets and tankers, by using stealth and speed to defeat their escorts."

  Bill Sweetman在AviationWeek杂志上指出,没人知道他们研制J-20的为了做什么,但是他猜测通过分析J-20的尺寸和载弹量,它也许是用来威吓、监视、侦测和摧毁他国护航舰队或飞机。

看印度阿三巴铁对话歼20:曝十分惊人的信息 - qwlhnyl - qwlhnyl 的博客



  Looked more impressive in the first pics. Doesn't look that impressive now. Stealth wise, it doesn't seem to trump the Raptor or the F-35 as it seemed earlier. I think it will have a greater rcs than even the PakFa.




  回复楼上2jagjitnatt :PAKFA is never a real stealth fighter, it is just a hobby project to get those easy indian money.



  回复2楼2jagjitnatt:thanks GOD any indian accept that rcs of j-20 is greater than pakfa



  LCA looks much better then J-20.




  回复2楼2jagjitnatt:You are too much relying on aesthetics and personal visual preference for the judgement of military hardware



  回复楼上6graphican:what JJ said is right because of unstealthy canards , conventional engine nozzles and huge body compared to PAK-FA the RCS of J-20 is definitely greater than that of PAK-FA ( note J20 is the only so called stealth aircraft which uses canards )



  回复7SamBahadur:super doper LCA has no canards and tiny body it most be as 'stealthy' as F-22 then, i bet many bhartis think that already according to you indians delusional nature



  回复1楼2jagjitnatt: Time will tell dude...beside that all talk about J-20 vs PakFa...F-22 are just BS and speculative. One said only battlefiel will produce great solder not in training camp, same for aircrafts.

  小屁孩,时间会证明。除此以外所有关于J-20 VS PAKFA或者F-22都是推测。有人说过:制造优秀战士的地方是战场而不是训练营,这个定理也适用于飞机。


  回复楼上9Kiss_of_the_Dragon:PAKFA will be the raptor killer. J-20(or21,22) will be below F-35 and below Su30MKI (chinese claims notwithstanding). India + Russia together is the best combination in the world. China works alone. Cooperation and team work is the basis of success.


  (译者注:Su30MKI是印度从俄罗斯那进口“先进战斗机”初期该机由于技术不成熟以及印度 悲催的维护,该机总是出问题被号称“机场保卫者”与此相反的是我国在多年后引进了Su30Mkk以及改进型Su30Mk2,虽然该机没有Su30Mki的2元喷口(连 俄罗斯 自己都不用玩意)和其他“先进技术”但是我国当时处于对自身情况考虑以及本身作为一个武器输出国的经验购买了Su30Mk2,现在我空军和海航部队中Su30Mk2依旧持续其稳定和高效的表现,依据PUPU的玄天九变一书中,事后,俄罗斯 对我国军方的成熟和稳重评价甚高,另注Su30可能已经被XX了,编号J-16)

看印度阿三巴铁对话歼20:曝十分惊人的信息 - qwlhnyl - qwlhnyl 的博客


  回复9Kiss_of_the_Dragon:correct . time would tell



  回复timetravel:Yes, but if the engine, avionics and hull are made in Russia, that is more of a placebo to make sure dumb Indians like you feel that "cooperation" is what's going on instead of another multi-billion dollar arms import.

  And seriously, navigation and compatible ammunition are domestically produced for almost any foreign plane. Indians are as deluded about the FG FA as Pakistanis are about Jf-17.

  There is a reason why the Russians don't want Indian cooperation on PAK FA but in a separate FG FA model which the Russian military will not procure.

  The only cooperation going on is Russian planes and Indian cash.

  是的,为了让愚蠢的印度感觉这是一种合作,通过在俄罗斯制造发动机、航电设备、外壳代替整体引进来自我安慰。更严重的是这款飞机的导航系统以及武器系统几乎与其他装备的外国飞机都不兼容。印度人FGFA战机(俄印联合研制的四代机)上被欺骗正如巴基斯坦在JF-17(成飞为巴铁研制的准3代飞机代替J-7)上被欺骗一样。这是为什么俄罗斯不让印度涉及PAKAF而单独和印度联合研制 俄罗斯 并不会自己装备FGFA的原因。真正的在合作仅仅是俄罗斯的飞机和印度的钱。


  回复楼上12ao333:As a matter of fact.. the engine, avionics and the hull is made in India... and would continue to be made for FG FA also... there's something called licenses manufacturing and something called joint manufacturing.

  Except for a few switches and probes(i.e. small parts) every thing for the licenses manufactured Su30MKI is made in India.... making those small parts are uneconomical hence they are imported.

  And Lets leave for the Russians and Indians to decide what they want and don't want of each other in their Joint Project.




  By those pics someone is predicting stealth then i think mig 21 is stealthier than those


  15DARKY(印度):回复8rcrmj:Actually the LCA does have a tiny body without any canards... hence the frontal RCS is lower than that of Mig21 in clean configuration... much better than what Chin J-20 was quoted to be having.... as close as Rafale may be around 0.8m2.



  回复13DARKY:Pak FA engine, avionics and hull are made in India??? You sane? Don't troll me; proof please.MKI are assembled in India with Russian kits. That is not indigenous. I am not going to go over this with you. But producing a plane with foreign equipment is again, a placebo for Indians like you to feel that India is making progress rather than licensing foreign equipment for domestic assembly.


看印度阿三巴铁对话歼20:曝十分惊人的信息 - qwlhnyl - qwlhnyl 的博客


  回复楼上16ao333:How do the MKI kits work?? Do the Russians essentially build, test and break it down again for Indian egos to re-assemble ???



  J-20 originally derived from the J-9 project which pre-dated the Mig 1.42/1.44 so far.





  LOL at indians deluding themselves that LCA is a stealth fighter, and better than J-20

  They don't even know their self-delusion and big talk is destined to utter failure again



  回复19SinoChallenger:it is in our interest to keep them in such delusion. nothing is better than having a stupid and lazy india. we simply can't afford to have a smart hard working india, can we? now the only issue how we can make them believe that india is far better developed than China/US。(译者注:同帖中还有2个引用回复,但由于涉及删除内容,略过不译)


  21 wanglaokan(中国):

  回复10timetravel:India is funding while Russia is doing R&D, you call it cooperation?



  I want to become a pilot one day, And a good one to. But if i see a J-20 right behind my back, i would **** my pants!!


  23 tvsram1992(印度):

  回复22BordoEnes:Only option could be u becoming pilot of Chinese aircraft and J20 escorting you !!!




  回复(引用内用被删除,不过他的回复蛮长故译之)China certainly is not stripping nake to show to the world every single wires inside J-10A...that's how we keep India paranoid and supecious about Chinese military...hidding our strenght and weakness. you can alway claim that J-10A is inferior to Mig-29 until we meet in the sky...and then If you're so sure about you said...I'm wondering why your gorverment still need to shop around the world for new fighter such Rafale.

  As for your LCA....it's not better because western countries have prevent "thief intention" or nicely speaking "TOT" so they've dragged their feets and delayed helping India to fully make this aircraft operation ...LCA =laugh cry aircraft compare to JF-17 which already operation and will be soon to be upgrated with more advance technologies.



  说到你们的LCA,状况肯定不太好啦。因为西方国家为了防止你们的小偷倾向和拍马屁,所以他们已经放慢脚步帮助你们完成整个建造计划啦。.LCA =laugh cry aircraft与已经装备服役而且将进行先进改装的JF-17来说,LCA真心悲剧。


  回复24Kiss_of_the_Dragon:After decaeds of experience in coping you made J10 and JF17. J10 not showed to world (because even worse than Jf17) but JF17 is in open market and we all know it..... Do I need to say more

  All your fanboy stuff AESA, Chinese engine every thing is in development



  回复25DRDO:Did you examine J 10 personally ? Or read any sort of report on its failure ?Yes you do about JF 17 ... You do not need to say more ... Keep dreaming about AMCA ...But first try to complete your development of the three decade old aircraft and then talk **** here ... Isn't it rich coming from an Indian that Chinese produced a aircraft ( actually aircraftS ) after decades of reverse engineering when they couldn't themselves get Tejas in active service after decades of License Manufacturing ?  ... Dont get me lame excuses that we dont copy and **** ... You had the precious experience after license producing SU 30 MKI / Mig 21 / Jaguar / Gnat etc ...

看印度阿三巴铁对话歼20:曝十分惊人的信息 - qwlhnyl - qwlhnyl 的博客

  I see a lot of Indians calling J20 theft / reverse engineering and what not ... Even if it is , Can you even do that ? One simple question to all of them ... Is an Indian pilot going to ask its Chinese counterpart in an aerial combat whether J20 is a copied plane or not ?  ... Does it even matter at the end of the day ? ... If not , then just STFU and move on ... Why try to downplay other's successes ?

  你看到了J10的审查报告了?并在上面发现它的缺陷了?是的,你确实对JF17了解很多,你确实不需要说什么了。继续做你的AMCA(印度提出的一种中型四代机)大梦吧。但首先完成改进你们30年的老飞机吧。印度不会懂得现在的中国人能够制造自己飞机的原因是通过大量的逆向工程和许可证建造等到的经验。不要告诉我你们不削山寨的蹩脚原因是通过许可证生产SU 30 MKI / Mig 21 / 美洲虎 / 暴风之神等飞机也可以获得研制飞机的经验。我看到好多印度人说J20的偷来的技术/山寨的技术,请问即使是这样,你丫给我造一架试试?一个简单的问题,在空战中一个印度飞行员会考虑J20是不是山寨的么?如果不会,那么请你闭上嘴,然后继续YY,搞不懂你们印度人为什么老是贬低别人的成功涅?


  回复25DRDO:We dont show to the world because the gorverment is busy to make such U.S, India trade deficit vis-a-vis China than to promote J-10 as export.Remember this we made copies to achieve Independent, to avoid black-mail and at mercy of other nations for spare parts or service...that's beyond your Indian comprehension.



  回复27Kiss_of_the_Dragon:Yeah , who wants to be like Indians ... Excellent at making high claims but no development to show ... I have seen hundreds of self-ego satisfying Indians on BR and PDF dreaming how AMCA can join the IAF one day and bring a revolution in the world of aeronautics ... Just look at the Indian newspapers and channels with reports like how " Tejas will be flying anytime now " and " Agni 5 will be tested soon " and " DRDO will soon make Star War like weapons " blah blah ... Though the dates keep extending and Yes , its beyond their comprehension ...



  回复26Secur:Yes we can dream AMCA cause we are not totally dependent on one country like you。 Whatever they made you have to accept  Doesn't count how good or bad it is。I dnt want to start Jf17 vs LCA but LCA is still better than JF17 even its not inducted in IAF。Like all Chinese fighters J10B, J16,17,18,19,20,21 .........  its a fanboy stories about AESA, Chinese Engine... just prove it and talk .... Only Chinese known to world is J10 and JF17 nothing else

  是的,我们可以憧憬我们的AMAC,因为我们不是完全只依靠一个国家(译者注:暗指巴基斯坦只依靠中国)。不管他们给你们什么你们都必须接受,而且根本没机会谈论那玩意的好坏。 我不想谈论JF17 VS LCA,这个毫无疑问LCA强很多,JF17俺们印度空军根本看不上。请证明下那些中国飞机比如J10B、J16、17、18、19、20、21装上了有源相控阵雷达和中国发动机在来谈吧。只有J10和JF17才被世人知道。


  回复29DRDO:Sure , continue dreaming ... You have been doing it since 1980 to develop a MIG 21 ++ aircraft  ... The same is the case with you ... Whatever the Russians and French provide , you have to accept ... What sort of absurd logic was that ?  Yes indeed , A aircraft which isn't even in operational service and only 7 have been produced till date is better than an aircraft with 3 active squadrons and in service since 3 years You can keep deluding yourself about how they are fanboy stories ... For people like you , J10 , J 11's and JFT's dont even exist  ... FYI , J10's and J11's even at the moment fly with Chinese engines ... Just wait one day when they will be shown to the world like the Chinese Aircraft Carrier and you will deny even then ... Denial mode , ai'nt it ?


看印度阿三巴铁对话歼20:曝十分惊人的信息 - qwlhnyl - qwlhnyl 的博客


  回复30Secur:No we dnt induct what they provide us ... this is why LCA not inducted in IAF. Indian Aircraft carrier will float well before Chinese one.So they can produce engine for heavier J10 and J11 but not for JF17 ???



  回复31DRDO:Yes Indeed , Just like the Rafale before it was bought by Indians ...  Do i need to remind how long did it take to make its first sale ? Well , Indian AC has been just floating since 1953  ... In case of war , it needs to be hidden somewhere because it is of no use , cant threaten the enemy , cant defend itself and is so old that almost 5 refits have been done till now ...Ever heard about Farnborough Show or WS 13 or Am i speaking to a person who has no knowledge whatsoever of the Chinese technology ?



  回复29DRDO:IMHO LCA is a massive success IF you take out the foreign components, the time period is justified if it is for the most part made in India.

  I wont be questioning LCA or your ability to make AMCA, so please keep it out of this thread.

  The Chinese shouldn't have any problems with AESA, they've got PESA for sure, a few things that point to a Chinese AESA... As ever many insiders confirm AESA, same insiders that weren't trusted by 'some folks' over J-XX or J-20. J-11 is said to use AESA, or there is an AESA that can be used on the J-11B, ZDK-03 uses AESA, the tech is there, they've been working on AESA for many years now. Also there is a need for AESA, we know that China CAN purchase AESA and reverse engineer if it wishes to do so, since it hasn't, it is safe to say that they've got it or that they think that they can get it... upgrades on J-11 and J-10, and the new J-20 would be somewhat meaningless if there is no AESA, there is a dire need for it on Chinese 5th gen platforms.



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